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SCV SWE Elections Info

Santa Clara Valley SWE Members:

Members of the SCV SWE Nominating Committee have completed their evaluation of nominees for the FY24 section elected positions and are presenting the following slate of candidates.

  • President-Elect – 1 position:

    • Lisa Duncan 

  • Vice Presidents - 2 positions:

    • Shubhi Asthana

    • Bing Zhang

  • Treasurer-Elect – 1 position:

    • Ying Tejada

  • Secretary: – 1 position:

    • Alisa Thomas


Elected positions in FY23 for a two-year term are promoted to the following in FY24:

  • President: Kimberly Lam

  • Treasurer:  Claire Wemp


Eligibility of all candidates on the slate has been verified to the bylaws requirements for their respective position.

Article III, Section 4.D of the Santa Clara Valley bylaws allow for the nomination of additional candidates by petition.  Petition candidates must be eligible for the position, give written consent to be placed on the ballot and gather signed petitions or endorsed emails from a minimum of two percent or five of the voting members of the section, whichever is greater, to place the candidate’s name on the ballot.

Petitions for all positions are due by June 15th, 2023. Address any petitions by email to

Slated candidates have prepared their candidate biography and statement, which will be available to voting members when the section sends out balloting instructions in June.  Be on the lookout for the ballot and please cast your vote!

You must be a dues paid member of the Society of Women Engineers to vote in our election! Visit to verify your membership is current or to join our section!


Santa Clara Valley Section of SWE

2023-2024 Nomination Committee

Allison Wright, Sarah Sullivan & Jeannie David

President portfolio

  • Represent the section before the public and preside at meetings of the section and its executive council

  • Appoint and approve the chairs of all committees, with the approval of the executive council, except the chair of the nominating committee

  • Authorize the disbursement of section funds within the budget approved by the executive council

  • Be an authorized signatory on all section accounts

  • Coordinate activities and execute the business and policies of the section

  • Review and approve the year-end section financial report

President-Elect portfolio (2 yr, 1st year as President-Elect, 2nd year as President)

  • Liaison with other professional organizations, including SVEC, NSBE, SHPE, SWE Golden Gate & My. Diablo Sections

  • Active member of Fund Development Committee

  • Lead special projects: Archive and History Banners

  • Learn President day-to-day operations

Treasurer portfolio

  • Responsible for the collection, distribution, and safekeeping of section funds

  • Prepare, maintain, and report as directed on the financial position of the section in relation to the approved budget

  • Submit a financial report to the Society in accordance with established 134 procedures

  • Perform other duties normally associated with the office of treasurer or as may be assigned by the president, the executive council, or the governance documents


Treasurer-Elect portfolio (2 yr, 1st year as Treasurer-Elect, 2nd year as Treasurer)

  • Advisor to Fund Development Committee

  • Budget Committee: management/approval of FY22 fiscal year budget, development of FY23 budget 

  • Learn Treasurer day-to-day operations

  • Liaison with SWE finance committee


VP portfolio

  • The following activities will be divided between Elected VPs as needed

    • Member meetings: social, professional and personal development (e.g. learning series, book club)

    • GetSET Director & Program​

    • Scholarship Chair & Program

    • Other K-12 outreach

    • Corporate outreach (e.g., ads for jobs, meeting or program sponsors)

    • Membership retention and growth


Secretary portfolio

  • Maintain the records of the section

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the committee chairs as assigned

  • Perform other duties normally associated with the office of secretary or as may be assigned by the president, the executive council, or the governance documents

  • Records minutes during monthly EC meetings

  • Drafts and releases monthly newsletters to SWE membership and subscribers

  • Advertises and informs members about organization information FB, LinkedIn, and other channels 

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