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SCV SWE Elections Info

June 21, 2022

Santa Clara Valley SWE Members:

Thank you to our section members who voted in our FY23 election! The results are in!

The FY23 Santa Clara Valley SWE EC is:

  • President - Sarah Sullivan

  • President-Elect - Kimberly Lam

  • Vice President - Archana Narayanaswamy

  • Vice President - Shubhi Asthana

  • Vice President - Priya Sumal

  • Treasurer - Lisa Duncan

  • Treasurer-Elect - Claire Wemp

  • Secretary - Shayna Lee

SWE-Santa Clara Valley Section
SCV SWE Nomination Committee
Jeannie David, Ceal Craig, Jamie Ernst, & Allison Wright


President portfolio

  • Represent the section before the public and preside at meetings of the section and its executive council

  • Appoint and approve the chairs of all committees, with the approval of the executive council, except the chair of the nominating committee

  • Authorize the disbursement of section funds within the budget approved by the executive council

  • Be an authorized signatory on all section accounts

  • Coordinate activities and execute the business and policies of the section

  • Review and approve the year-end section financial report

President-Elect portfolio (2 yr, 1st year as President-Elect, 2nd year as President)

  • Liaison with other professional organizations, including SVEC, NSBE, SHPE, SWE Golden Gate & My. Diablo Sections

  • Active member of Fund Development Committee

  • Lead special projects: Archive and History Banners

  • Learn President day-to-day operations

Treasurer portfolio

  • Responsible for the collection, distribution, and safekeeping of section funds

  • Prepare, maintain, and report as directed on the financial position of the section in relation to the approved budget

  • Submit a financial report to the Society in accordance with established 134 procedures

  • Perform other duties normally associated with the office of treasurer or as may be assigned by the president, the executive council, or the governance documents


Treasurer-Elect portfolio (2 yr, 1st year as Treasurer-Elect, 2nd year as Treasurer)

  • Advisor to Fund Development Committee

  • Budget Committee: management/approval of FY22 fiscal year budget, development of FY23 budget 

  • Learn Treasurer day-to-day operations

  • Liaison with SWE finance committee


VP portfolio

  • The following activities will be divided between Elected VPs as needed

    • Member meetings: social, professional and personal development (e.g. learning series, book club)

    • GetSET Director & Program​

    • Scholarship Chair & Program

    • Other K-12 outreach

    • Corporate outreach (e.g., ads for jobs, meeting or program sponsors)

    • Membership retention and growth


Secretary portfolio

  • Maintain the records of the section

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the committee chairs as assigned

  • Perform other duties normally associated with the office of secretary or as may be assigned by the president, the executive council, or the governance documents

  • Records minutes during monthly EC meetings

  • Drafts and releases monthly newsletters to SWE membership and subscribers

  • Advertises and informs members about organization information FB, LinkedIn, and other channels 

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